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Ciococare SpiGo Bite (ITS 4.0)
Ciococare SpiGo Bite (ITS 4.0)

Ciococare SpiGo Bite (ITS 4.0)

SPIGO BITE is a healthy and tasty bar, also suitable for vegetarian and vegan consumers or with intolerance / allergy to milk-based products (including lactose). The careful selection of raw materials, which combine the need to re-use by-products with the innovations of new production methods, allow considerable energy savings during the conservation phase, not requiring storage in a refrigerated temperature environment. Thanks to its delicate sweetness, it offers the pleasure of flavor without having to renounce to well-being and the healthiest aspects. A well-being guaranteed by simple ingredients, chosen also for their strongly eco-sustainable component.

Ciococare SpiGo Bite (ITS 4.0)

ITS Tech&Food

The ITS Tech & Food Foundation is a center of excellence born from the partnership between companies in the agri-food sector, institutions, schools, universities, training institutions and local research centers of Parma and Reggio Emilia.
He conducts two-year courses to train highly specialized technicians with immediate employment prospects in the strategic sectors of the local production fabric.

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