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Manutenzione 4.0 per dott. Robot (ITS 4.0)

The project develops a "maintenance 4.0" system dedicated to the robot "M.I.L.A.N.O." (Minimal Invasive Light Automatic Natural Orifice robot), an advanced and patented technology, born from the idea of an Italian surgeon, which allows you to enter the abdomen without the need for painful incisions, breaking down and recomposing automatically and bringing with them all the tools you need for the operation.
The implementation of 4.0 technologies in the field of manor is proposed as a preferred solution for robots operating in the biomedical field for whose management requires high standards of reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Manutenzione 4.0 per dott. Robot (ITS 4.0)

Francesco Re

Francesco Re, a young man who has always been passionate about computer programming, attends the second year of the Higher Technical Institute Lombardo Mechatronico to specialize in robotics and industry 4.0. It is currently completing the internship provided by the course of studies at the CNR _STIIMA (Industrial Automation Technology Research Centre) to train on the topic of predictive maintenance and develop the project "Maintenance 4.0 for Dr. Robot"

  B10 (pav. 6) - ITS 4.0

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