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Droni per il risparmio energetico
Droni per il risparmio energetico

Droni per il risparmio energetico

ENEA activities with RPAS divided in environmental and structural/thermal monitoring.
Environmental : environmental payload measuring georeferenced concentrations of pollutants (SO2, CO, NOX, Voc, O3).
Structural/thermal: payload a pair of cameras, in the visible spectrum and in the thermal infrared to record video, images, thermographies of buildings. A procedure gives a 3D model more compact than the one collected by the drone.
Driving algorithm: based on the Games Theory. It suggests to the pilot the route whith less collision/separation loss risks with aircrafts/buildings

Droni per il risparmio energetico

ENEA - Laboratorio di robotica IDRA

The Laboratory was founded in 1958. Among the many results of the Lab we will mention the Mascot teleoperator, one of the first teleoperators in the world for the manipulation of the radioactive material, the Antarctica Underwater robot SARA (about 6 mt in leght and able to operate autonomously up to 1000 mt in depth), the autonomous surface Antarctica robot RAS to work over the polar cup, the robot VENUS, (presented also at ONU) aimed at the realisation of low cost underwater swarms and many others

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