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3D Printed Ice Cream Machine!
3D Printed Ice Cream Machine!

3D Printed Ice Cream Machine!

How to make ice cream using a 3D printer. Very simple. We need an ice cream machine, printed with a 3D printer, brine , a mixture of ice and salt, to produce cold and everything else is done by physics, and our workforce.
My project consists in reproducing the ideal conditions to be able to freeze a liquid solution, to transform it into ice cream.
Having worked for many years as an ice cream maker, and used several machines to make ice cream, I was able to use the knowledge I acquired to make a functioning ice cream machine.

3D Printed Ice Cream Machine!

Roberto Colucci

For many years owner of an Italian ice cream parlor in Germany, always a fan of the computer and technology world. Programmer, maker, dreamer, always looking for something new. Thanks to the technology of 3D printing I made several projects.

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