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Biorefinery 4.0 - Trasformare Scarti In Valore Con Sapienza

Biorefinery 4.0 - Trasformare Scarti In Valore Con Sapienza

In the agroindustry, diverse biomasses can be processed for providing value to different waste materials from agriculture, food processing, and alcoholic industries. Different renewable organic materials from agricultural wastes encrypt different bioactive compounds with an excellent biological functions and with high adding value in cosmetic, nutraceutics and biocomposites. From tomato, coffee, cocoa, artichokes, beer, vinasse, BIOREFINERY 4.0 will show practically how recover biocompounds and make cosmetic creams and superfoods.
Adding value to agroindustrial wastes solves an environmental problem and generates additional income: come and see how to do!

Biorefinery 4.0 - Trasformare Scarti In Valore Con Sapienza

Prof. Antonio ZUORRO

CIRCULAR ECONOMY EXPERT, already winner as COORDINATOR of the European Project EXCornsEED (HORIZON 2020 - BBI JU) of 7.2 million euros for the valorization of residues from the production of biodiesel from corn and rapeseed by green chemical processes.

Former Professor of CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Fundamentals and BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING at the Department of “Chemical Engineering, Materials & Environment” of SAPIENZA University of Rome (where he received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in “Chemical Engineering for the Environment and Safety”) in the scientific area ING-IND/24 – Chemical Engineering Principles at Sapienza – University of Rome, where he held the courses of “Biochemical Engineering Principles” for MD students in Chemical Engineering and “Chemical Engineering for Biomedical Systems” for MD students in Biomedical Engineering.
He has been Visiting Professor in Universities in Colombia, Japan and Australia and also responsible for the interchange of students among foreign Universities.

He has been involved in several research projects financed by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and by private institutions. His main research activities are focused on the RECOVERY OF VALUE-ADDED PRODUCTS from MICROALGAE and AGRO-INDUSTRIAL RESIDUES, the degradation of recalcitrant organic compounds by advanced oxidation processes and the development of innovative processes for the GREEN synthesis of metal NANOPARTICLES.

He is author of more than 100 scientific publications and author of four industrial patents.
He received several awards and prizes for the results achieved in his research activities.

The important results are obtained through robust scientific approach and the application of methods of sequential experimentation, based on the screening of the main process factors followed by the factorial design. Recently, the Response Surface Methodology is evaluated together with multilayer neural networks of feed-forward type applied to processes of recovery bioactive compounds from wastes.

Intense consulting activity for companies and entrepreneurs interested in effective and efficient management and valorization of their processing residues.

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