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3DLine - 3Dprinter made in Italy -
3DLine - 3Dprinter made in Italy -

3DLine - 3Dprinter made in Italy -

3DLine is a young and dynamic company that operates in the way of 3D printing.

Born from the passion of the printing world. The goal is to provide quality services and products strictly made in Italy. 3DLine Printers are handcrafted in Reggio Emilia and are customized to customer specifications

3DLine - 3Dprinter made in Italy -


3DLine was born in 2015 from the passion of 2 brothers, aged 25 and 28, for 3D printing.

Thanks to the close collaboration with companies in the area at the end of 2015, it presents the first FDM technology 3D printer for the dental sector on the market.

3DLine immediately, thanks to great enthusiasm, sets itself ambitious goals but has to face the current economic cycle.

Despite this, from 2015 to date it can boast over 6 models of 3D printers on the list and numerous 3D printers made to customer specifications.

Since 2017 it has expanded the offer by introducing rapid prototyping, 3D scanning and design services.

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