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Chokkino and the cacao revolution: cacao is the new coffee!

Chokkino and the cacao revolution: cacao is the new coffee!

Chokkino is the first cacao espresso: a blissful hot shot of pure cacao packed with micro-nutrients. Cacao is a superfood rich in antioxidants, minerals, prebiotic fibers and amino acids and Chokkino represents the best way to enjoy its many benefits guilt free, since it contains only 19 calories!
Cacao is a functional food very similar to coffee: it stimulates the nervous system but is gentler, its effect last longer and it also provide a sense of well-being.
Chokkino is the first product of Live Better an Italian startup which is also a Benefit Corporation. Live Better has developed Kaya the first cacao espresso machine soon in your favourite coffee shop!


Chokkino and the cacao revolution: cacao is the new coffee!


My name is Elena, I’m 42, I’m a change-maker and also the “mother” of Chokkino. My mind favorite activity is finding effective solutions. I never liked coffee and every time i entered a cafè I didn’t know what to order… this is why I invented Chokkino!
I have always loved stem disciplines, I studied in a business school and my work experience is full of variagated experiences, linked by a common denominator: my values and my passions. I have worked in Burton Snowboards, with a small craftman producing organic bakery products, in LifeGate Energy selling renewable energy electricty contracts, in Enerpoint, once the biggest distributor pf photovoltaic modules. Then in 2012 I took a sabbathical (which became 3 years…) in order to understand what I really wanted to do with my life. I have always wanted to create products and one day I told myself “you know, that idea you had in 2002 was a good idea, why don’t you make it real?” Since, I started to work on Chokkino and today Live Better (my startup) is reality and it is finally ready to grow in Italy as well as on an international level. Chokkino is only our first product, we are already working on a new, ambitious and disruptive product! Stay tuned.

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