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My project consists of an interactive installation in which thanks to a holographic pyramid it is possible to view a polygon in 3 dimensions. This polygon will have on its faces a portion of what it will find in front of itself and reacting to the sound produced by people will change its shape unexpectedly.
The idea of ​​this project is to put in close connection objects and people surrounding the installation, with a digital object, inconsistent and superficially "covered" with physical reality, highlighting the close relationship that now exists between the actions that we carry out every day and the way in which these actions unknowingly flow into the digital "space", modifying it and generating unexpected deformations of the latter.


Mat Toan

Mat Toan is an artist who lives and works in Rome.
With a solid technical / scientific training in the electrical field, electronic and on automation systems, he decided to specialize in Multimedia and Technological Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, becoming increasingly interested in the combination of Art and technology.
The relationship between Human Being and Technology is the basic concept of his research and around which most of his works are developed.
Issues such as the impact of technology on human life, Artificial Intelligence, Analogue Reality and Virtual Reality and the way in which these are integrated into the contemporary society are investigated through the use of different languages ranging from the most classic like photography to multimedia installations, making his works devices (often interactive) that stimulate the observer to ask more questions instead of provide him with certainties.
The choice to involve the spectator at a multisensory level, means that every work encountered leaves an emotion as well as a deep reflection on the subject addressed.
2019 MICROCOSMO visions of contemporary landscapes from the world - Palazzo Doria Pamphilj Museum - curated by Antonio Trimani and Monica Di Gregorio - Valmontone (RM);
2018 Robotics Festival of Art and Robotics, Digital Nature the new man-machine interaction - Central International Exhibition Hydro-Dynamic of Porto Vecchio - curated by Maria Campitelli / GRUPPO78 with the collaboration of Valentino Catricalà / PoetronicArt - Trieste (Ts);
2018 Happening, Palatine Tables Museum - Temple of Hera - Metaponto (Mt);
2018 The Great Convergence: Natural and Artificial Intelligence Media Art Festival - MAXXI Museum of XXI Century Arts - promoted by Fondazione Mondo Digitale, artistic director Valentino Catricalà, curatorial committee: Isabella Indolfi Media Art Curator, Veronica D’Auria Chief Curator CARMA, Laura Leuzzi University of Dundee, Valentina Ravaglia Assistant Curator Tate Modern - Rome (Rm);
2018 RomeCup 2018 Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome - Rome (Rm);
2018 MEMER of Internet Semper, curated by Chiara Passa - Academy of Fine Arts of Rome - Rome (Rm);
2018 Tiny Biennale, curated by Susan Moore - Gallery of Art Temple University Rome - Rome (Rm);
2017 Reconnaissance. From the BoCs Art the languages ​​of the contemporary, curated by Alberto Dambruoso, BoCs Art Museum - Cosenza (Cs).
2017 Limits and Borders curated by Sabino Maria Frassà, Great Museum of the Cathedral of Milan - Milan (Milan);
2017 Combat Prize, Fortezza vecchia - Livorno (Li);
2017 Creative Cloud Festival of Arts II Edition - Living Nature, curated by Antonietta Campilongo, Macro Testaccio - Rome (Rm);
2017 Floralia - Timeless dialogue, curated by Antonietta Campilongo and Jada Mucerino, Case Romane del Celio - Rome (Rm);

2017 Daunia Land Art - curated by Giacomo Zaza - Tutor artist Làzaro Saavedra - Foggia (Italy)
2017 BoCs Art - curated by Alberto Dambruoso - Cosenza (Italy)

Special projects:
2018 Performer in ART WILL NEVER DIE, performance designed e
curated by Fabio Sargentini and Elsa Agalbato, National Gallery of Modern Art of Rome - Rome (Rm);

2019 Meeting with the artist - inside Microcosmo. Visions of landscapes from the world - Museum of Palazzo Doria Pamphilj
2018 Presentation of the project and research - within Rome Cup - University Campus Biomedico of Rome

2018 finalist Rome Cup - University Campus Biomedico - Rome
2017 Cramum Prize finalist with a work created together with the artist Pamela Pintus - Milan
2017 Premio Premio Combat - Livorno

His works are present in private collections, in the collection
permanent collection of the Mendicino Silk Museum and in the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the city of
Cosenza, BoCs Art Museum.

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