Exhibitors 2019


The project is divided into 2 macro parts:

The first consists in recreating a 3d model of a typical building, inside it an electric circuit will be created with sensors that will automatically detect any faults in the system, the faults will be loaded on a cloud platform with the task of sorting the signals by type of installation and by competent maintenance technician. The maintainer thanks to the APP version of the cloud, will receive a notification on his tablet device, and with a simple click can immediately have position and history of the component on which the intervention must be done.

The second part is based on two technologies: virtual reality and BIM. In this part technical rooms have been recreated in which through the use of VR it will be possible to carry out maintenance courses on the systems.


Brunetti Fabio, Calandrin Marco, Nardin Andrea, Virzi Gabriele, Pasqualotto Giulio

We are a group of young people who, thanks to work experience in different outfits (plant design, facility management, sales), were able to encounter a large number of problems made of loss of time, wrong data and excessive exchange of mail. This has led us to create a new, unique system that breaks down all these problems by exploiting new technologies.

  C21 (pav. 6) - ITS 4.0

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