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Ella - Mozzarella everywhere

Ella - Mozzarella everywhere

M2D is the first company that is capable of providing for it’s clients in the global food market authentic Italian mozzarella with a shelf life of more than a year stored at room temperature.
You can bring it to life in any moment with all of the fragrances and aromas of a great mozzarella made according to the traditional Italian dairy techniques.
We produce Ella: the raw materials made in Italy using only milk, salt, rennet and probiotics without preservatives or GMO, that produce either cow “fior di latte” or buffalo “mozzarella”.
Just by adding water, the probiotics are immediately activated and the mozzarella comes to life.
Today M2D brings this excellence, quality and unique features to every corner of the earth.

Ella - Mozzarella everywhere

M2D Srl

It all started in 2015 when the two founders of M2D, Claudio Grisoni and Vittorio Giardino, were traveling the world together but far away from their hometowns in Italy.
During their travels they found it difficult – if not impossibile - to find fresh, high quality mozzarella, “why can’t we get a pizza with fresh mozzarella in the Philippines, Dubai or London or a Caprese salad in Berlin?” They decided to use their engineering skills and love for quality Italian food to solve this endemic problem: the lack of access to fresh, high quality Italian made mozzarella around the world.
The founders started their quest by studying the origins and centuries old traditions of mozzarella making in Italy. Claudio and Vittorio dedicated over two years to studying the mozzarella making processes in Naples, Rome and Sicily. The result was that in 2017 they organized their mozzarella making venture M2D srl “Made2day” in Rome.

M2D started its recipe by sourcing the very best raw materials available – Italian milk, from the finest Italian cows. They then worked to eliminate any additive that was not included in the original - centuries old - recipe for mozzarella. The next step was to create a product that could be easily shipped internationally and used locally to produce fresh, high quality Italian mozzarella at an affordable price. The founders - using their decades of engineering skills – honed by their years of work at NASA – created a dairy product that could be shipped internationally without refrigeration until quickly produced by a local food store or pizzeria. Their process involves both cutting edge science and engineering, is easy to use as instantaneous coffee.
After a year of trials at its factory in Rome, the M2D team developed Ella a special dairy product that involve adding only water to make fresh, high quality Italian products easily, quickly anywhere in the world.
Today with partners and distributors they are bringing fresh, quality, Italian mozzarella to the tables of the most attentive customers located in every corner of the world.

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