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EmStation is an innovative IoT perfume diffuser that integrates and coordinates 8
piezoelectric nebulizers, each associated with an ampoule containing "original" essences of essences. Em-Station is offered in Professional version for B2B players and large environments (with
essential oils) and in the Compact version for the consumer and domestic / smaller environments segment. The user, through management with mixer DMX, WebApp, App or virtual assistants (Siri, Alexa), can control in real time or program the modulation of the perfume over time, dynamically adjusting the intensity and duration of nebulization of each essence.
The first prototype was developed with Arduino MEGA and a Shield DMX while the second was developed with a NodeMCU board (ESP8266) and interacts with Google Cloud Platform for remote control.


Francesco Colasante

electronic engineering department

  A2 (pav. 7)
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