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Dimostratore di sensori per l’analisi dinamica dell’acqua irrigua in suoli agrari
Dimostratore di sensori per l’analisi dinamica dell’acqua irrigua in suoli agrari

Dimostratore di sensori per l’analisi dinamica dell’acqua irrigua in suoli agrari

The present project intends to illustrate a crucial issue for the optimization of agricultural processes of the immediate future and concerns the management of irrigation water.
As we know, it makes it possible to produce 46% of the foodstuffs produced today in the world, but it is a limited and precious resource.
The project, by means of a demonstrator, allows the introduction of low-cost sensors in the soil, so as to form a grid, and at different depths (15 - 30 cm) in order to monitor the water content around the plant roots .
This information is sent directly to the computer of the operator who, based on the weather and the accumulated water reserves in the soil, is able to decide if and how much irrigation water to distribute.
This avoids using more water than necessary and wetting unexplored volumes of soil from plant roots, reducing waste and irrigation costs, and ensuring a more sustainable production process.
This project is part of a broader research project concerning precision agriculture, that is, that set of techniques that allows reducing the use of inputs in agriculture (water, fertilizers, plant protection products, labor, processing, etc.) while increasing yields thanks to intelligent systems that, monitoring the environmental conditions, provide information and early warnings to farmers who will be able to intervene more effectively and in a targeted manner, gradually abandoning the rigid patterns of the past.

Dimostratore di sensori per l’analisi dinamica dell’acqua irrigua in suoli agrari

Elio Romano, Alex Filisetti, Annamaria Stellari

Elio Romano: has been a Researcher at the CRA-ING Laboratory in Treviglio since 2006, after having acquired the title of Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Catania and having carried out research work at the University of Catania. field of Agricultural Mechanics. His research activity at CRA-ING has developed in various sectors:
- technological innovations of tractors and agricultural machines and observations of the interactions between these and the operator or between these and the environment;
- technological innovations in the protected crops sector with the aim of saving energy;
- innovative agricultural machines;
- energy recovery from agricultural residues;
- ergonomics and safety of agricultural machinery and equipment;
- vibrations in agriculture and health of operators;
- treatment and enhancement of agricultural waste.
Alex Filisetti: works at the CREA.IT office in Treviglio and deals with:
• operation and maintenance of complex agricultural and forestry driving and operating machines (tractors, telehandlers, trailers, cabins) intended for experimental purposes;
• assembly of experimental machinery and equipment suitable for the survey of data in the field and in the laboratory (construction sites for working the land, yards for the cultivation of crops and livestock, sites for the distribution of wastewater, transport yards);
• operation and maintenance of specific operating machines for the maintenance of external test areas such as tracks and agricultural plots (blowing of rubber dust deriving from the wear of earth tires and plant residues from the test tracks, weeding border runs and experimental plots , snow clearing, de-icing salt distribution, etc.).
Annamaria Stellari: she is working at the Public Research Body, now CREA, since 1991. She is the referent for the IT systems of the CREA-IT offices in Milan and Treviglio; referent of the Milan office for communication, organization and coordination of events related to technology transfer and dissemination of results. She carries out technical support activities for the installation, activation and optimization of flow-sheets of processes based on innovative technologies for the sustainability of the agro-food chain.

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