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Innovazione nutrizionale

Innovazione nutrizionale

At the Nutritional innovation corner, researchers from the CREA Research Centre for Food and Nutrition will give tips about the correct diet, varied and balanced, and will provide information on the activities that CREA carries out in schools.
The public will be guided to use the FOODCONS software, by which people can evaluate their eating habits and nutritional coverage by estimating their food intake. In addition, a tool will be presented that allows the evaluation of the antioxidant capacity of foods


Innovazione nutrizionale

Centro di ricerca CREA Alimenti e Nutrizione

CREA (Council for Agricultural Research and Economics) is the leading Italian research organization dedicated to the agri-food supply chains. Its scientific activity covers agricultural crops, livestock, fishery, forestry, agroindustry, food science and socioeconomics. It has research facilities on the entire national territory and a specifically dedicated Centre for Food and Nutrition that carries out research, training and dissemination activities on foods, their quality and their role in preventing food-related diseases

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