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 CNR4All Nutraceutici per l’intolleranza al glutine

CNR4All Nutraceutici per l’intolleranza al glutine

Celiac disease is a food intolerance to gluten on an immune basis. The nutraceutical approach could be a useful strategy to reduce the inflammatory response in the sensitive subject. We have therefore developed a food composition consisting of the soluble protein fraction (SPF) that can be isolated from wheat dough after enzymatic transamidation. Experimental exposure to SPF was able to block the inflammatory response associated with Celiac disease. SPF can be applied in the food industry as: additive for non-leavening flours; alternative protein source to milk and soy; emulsifying agent to increase the fat content while maintaining low viscosity; high glutamine source, to improve the intestinal function.
• Nutraceutical: SPF stimulates the anti-inflammatory response in the intestine of celiac patients.
• Additive for non-leavening flours (eg rice flour). SPF allows the leavening of the dough made from rice flour in the presence of brewer's yeast.
• Alternative protein source to milk and soy proteins, useful for drinks, sauces and flavourings.
• Emulsifying agent, thanks to a high content of hydrophobic amino acids that bind to the fat drops allowing their dispersion in the food.
• Glutamine source: improves the aromatic profile and stimulates the intestinal function.


 CNR4All Nutraceutici per l’intolleranza al glutine

Mauro Rossi

I am a senior scientist at CNR-ISA (Institute of Food Sciences). I have over 20 years of experience in the field of the biochemistry and immunology of the small intestine. My recent research has been focused on the mechanisms of tolerance to food antigens and on the development of microbiological and enzymatic strategies to down-regulate the intestinal hypersensitivity to wheat gluten. I am also involved in basic and oriented applied research on probiotics. My best finding is the possibility of carrying out an enzymatic treatment on wheat flour/semolina to detoxify the gluten for people affected by Coeliac Disease. The methodology developed is the subject of an international patent that was granted in EU, Canada and USA.

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