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This prototype imagines a near-future scenario where the city becomes an emotional machine that sees, feels, and even reconfigures its function in response to human emotions. This artefact interprets emotions from the facial expressions of people as new environmental factors that are manifested through a shifting display of colour and form as corollaries to a spectrum of psychological states, as either reinforcement or intervention.  At the meta-scale, these robots can be networked to compute a group mood index over time from individual expression data. Ultimately, the user experience is one of personal attention as well as community building and spectacle. It encourages deliberate collaboration between visitors to trigger novel responses and urban situations.


Credits Jie Zhang, Architect and General Manager at Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects​  Raffi Tchakerian, Assistant Professor at Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI) Sayjel Vijay Patel, Assistant Professor at Dubai Institute of Design and Innova

Raffi Tchakerian has experience in multiple fields of design, including aerospace, aviation, medicine, humanitarian design, product design, interactive design and robotics. Acquiring the ability to transform thoughts into tangible solutions his work is nurtured through cross-fertilizations between these various fields, with the goal of improving the interactions between humans and the technology they use, and environments in which they live. As a visionary designer, Raffi’s projects are colorful in nature, touching on every imaginable design field from space to the developing world. Over the past decade Tchakerian has collaborated with a large number of leading international designers, including the design studio, Architecture and Vision, and space architects, Arturo Vittori and Andreas Vogler.
Jie Zhang​, ​AIA, LEED AP, is an architect, researcher  and design critic. Zhang currently leads the Shanghai  office of ​Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects​ as General  Manager and has contributed to world-class offices in  the US, Denmark and France. Besides designing  buildings and cities, she built Accra's first youth  entrepreneurship awareness program, created aerial  maps of informal settlements in Ahmedabad and  initiated ​Opt​, a platform for future-oriented design  inquiries. Her design work has been awarded and  exhibited internationally.
Sayjel Vijay Patel (b. 1986)​ is a Canadian architect,  software developer, and academic. Presently he is a  Founding Assistant Professor at the Dubai Institute of  Design and Innovation (DIDI), and CTO of Digital Blue  Foam Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based software company  focusing on developing web-based tools for the AEC  industry. Previously, Sayjel was a Principle Investigator  with SUTD Digital Manufacturing and Design Centre  where he pioneered a breakthrough method for  generating new materials using 3D printing and 3D  scan data.  
Sayjel received his Master’s of Architecture from the  MIT School of Architecture and Planning, in 2015,  where he is also an alumni of the MIT Senseable City  Lab.

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