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 CNR4All Climate Services for Developing Countries

CNR4All Climate Services for Developing Countries

Climate Services Open Source for developing countries. Climate services are important to foster adaptation to climate risks and in reducing vulnerability in developing world contexts.
4Crop web application gives the possibility to evaluate impacts due to drought stress during the whole crop growing cycle in Sahelian areas.
SLAPIS (Système Local d’Alerte Précoce pour les Inondations de la Sirba) enhances the capacity of Niger Institutions to forecast, alert for and manage floods.
Provide specific advices for end users at different decision-making levels, bridging the gap between available technology and local users’ needs for adaptation, mitigation, flooding risk and food security in the Sahel.


 CNR4All Climate Services for Developing Countries

Tiziana De Filippis, Leandro Rocchi, Patrizio Vignaroli, Elena Rapisardi, Bruno Guerzoni

Permanent researcher at CNR-IBIMET, Geomatics & ICT for sustainable development in agriculture. Coordination of research projects on Spatial Data Infrastructure and WebGIS applications using Open Source solutions and OGC standards.

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