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Allineatore per antenne sat e telescopi

Allineatore per antenne sat e telescopi

The system assists the user in the process of collinear alignment between two points in space. Specifically, it provides the current angles relative to the Azimuth, Elevation and Polarization of the illuminator (in the case of linear polarization signals).

  • Direct mode
    The system measures the angles of rotation about the axes by referring them to the Earth's surface. In this mode you operate the antenna to obtain the desired angles.

  • Indirect mode
    It is possible to modify the reference by entering the desired angle for each axis. In this mode the antenna is operated until the angle indicated by the Aligner console connected via BlueTooth is set to zero.

Allineatore per antenne sat e telescopi

Team di studenti delle classi 4C, 4B IIS Einstein-Bachelet, Roma . PCTO con tutoring "Officine Robotiche", Roma

The project was developed during a PCTO with Tutor L. Sammartano and A. Fedele and developed up to prototype verification by the students of 4C-4B R. Razvan, P. Llanos, D. Bazzon, F. Salvucci and G. Valentini, M. Zambrano, J. Arduini

  J.2.13 (pav. J)
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