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Alessandro Giacomel di Officine Robotiche

An autonomous painter robot that creates watercolor paintings made at home with easily available or 3D printed material

  E.16 (pav. E)

Paolo Ginefra, Antonio Manuel Marulli, Alice Grossi, Giorgia Mira, Claudio Capurso, Fabrizio Di Carlo

A.R.A.C.H.N.E. is able to probe the soil, mapping and weeding the weeds to reuse them for soil mulching.

Elio Matteo Curcio, Francesco Lago, Stefano Rodin, Diego Mazzei

ADIUTOR is a robotic device for upper limb rehabilitation, designed for assisted rehabilitation directly at home.


Research Center "E. Piaggio"

Robot next gen: anthropomorphic arms and quadrupeds for manipulating and exploring the real world.

  B.09 (pav. B)

Mirella Tissi, Roman Manole, Lorenzo Aquilani, Lorenzo Rapiti, Alessandro Carofano, Riccardo Tranfa, Carrus Noemi, ITT "Da Vinci" Viterbo

airport automatic pilot device to carry luggage and passengers from entrance to the check-in desk.


Three automatic musicians - bassist, drummer, glockenspiel players - will play with other automatic musical instruments and one "human" musician.

  I.01 (pav. I)

Team DigiLAB Volta - I.I.S. Alessandro Volta Frosinone

The Android called 'Brother', with autonomous decision-making abilities and interaction with the outside world based on event recognition through the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques. Brother is able to recognize the Italian sign language LIS by translating it into audio and Braille.

Michelangelo Nigro , Monica Sileo, Domenico D. Bloisi, Francesco Pierri, Fabrizio Caccavale

Applications of collaborative robots based on artificial vision and machine learning for object manipulation, detection and grasping.

Inventor Felix Nate Boakye- founder of black brain robotics and mechanism project, supported by Javier costilla.

It is a scrap built, a handmade, it educates the audience and the Project will be attractive to the audience due to how it functions.

  K.07 (pav. K)

Daniele Leandri, Giuseppe Torino, Beppe Pennesi

Braccione (Big arm) is a mechanical arm 2 meters long. It is made with some servos and with the extensive use of used materials. Braccione imitates your movements when you draw on its control graphics tablet.

  K.06 (pav. K)

Ingegner Andrea Dogliotti

CAMOSCA: Enabling normal electrical wheelchairs afford steps and even steep stairs, safely and completely self-driving, maintaining maneuverability in normal conditions.

  J.1.08 (pav. J)

Robotics Brain and Cognitive Science (RBCS) and COgNitive Architecture for Collaborative Technologies (CONTACT) units of IIT.

Can you beat a robot in a card game? Learn about human-robot interaction research and test yourself!

  B.10 (pav. B)

Massimiliano Ferrante, Stefano Badessi, Paulo Sacramento, Sveinung Loekken

Bringing together local data, Earth Observation and Machine Learning to better quantify the quality of the air we breathe.

  J.1.26 (pav. J)

Mindshub APS

CyberOrto is a system that allows you to manage a small vegetable garden in autonomy. You decide, through an application, which vegetables to plant and will provide for their cultivation, alerting you when they are ready for harvest.

Project Red

Design of an autonomous rover according to Project Red: the working methodology, the software, the autonomous navigation and the prototype.

  K.09 (pav. K)


Upper limb 3D printed prosthesis driven by EMG signals and AI.

Andrea Fontanelli

ENDRIU is an autonomous modular mobile robot for sanitization using UV-C light and electrostatic air filtering.

  J.1.06 (pav. J)

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

Erwhi Hedgehog is a small open source ROS robot that is capable of SLAM and Vision AI.

Loris Roveda*, Asad Ali Shahid, Marta Gandolla, Alessandra Pedrocchi, Francesco Braghin, Federico Fraboni, Luca Pietrantoni, Matteo Tozzi, Giovanni Fusi, Davide Fausti, Maurizio Mor

Passive exoskeleton for back-support in industrial operations.

  B.06 (pav. B)

VILLAM (Anita Cal) e ARSHAKE (Elena Giulia Rossi)

It starts from the ground up, metaphorically but also materially. The project becomes the theatre for a transdisciplinary operation moving between the most radical agricultural practices and the most advanced technologies.


Hannah: a system for the automatic positioning and integrity control of the facial masks based on deep learning.

Senior Researcher and Principal Investigator Antonio Bicchi

The IIT - SoftRobotics for Human Cooperation and Rehabilitation is located in Genoa at IIT Central Research Labs, but also has research facilities in Pisa (in collaboration with the Reserarch Center "E. Piaggio" of the University of Pisa), and in KmRosso area in Bergamo (in collaboration with the Intellimech Mechatronic Consortium). We also closely collaborate with researchers in IIT, in Pisa, at the German Aerospace Agency, the Arizona State University, the Universities of Rome and Siena, among many others.

  B.10 (pav. B)


Our research aims to improve human-robot collaboration using new technologies such as augmented reality and human motion tracking.

Presidente Antonio Bicchi

AI fleshed out

  B.01 (pav. B)

FabLab Belluno - Michele D'amico, Lorenzo De Luca, Simone Klinkon

Easy-Task is a device that facilitates the creation of your drinks from simple juices up to cocktails

Fanny Ficuciello

PRISMA Hand II is a mechanically robust anthropomorphic robot hand. It is highly underactuated, as the 19 joints are driven by 3 motors via elastic tendons. Nevertheless, the hand can perform not only adaptive grasps but also in-hand manipulation.

HARMONY develops robotic mobile manipulation technologies for assisting staff in hospital environments.

KUKA Med is an anthropomorphic robotic arm used to assist physicians in different applications like rehabilitation and dental implants.

da Vinci Research Kit is a robotic system for minimally invasive surgery.

  B.05 (pav. B)

Alvaro Passeri

The mini Jungle Band is a mini orchestra of four elements: The fox plays the Mandolin The turtle plays the Xilophane The squirrel plays the flute The cobra plays the Harmonica

The robot animals play with the musical score in MIDI format.

  I.05 (pav. I)

Tetsuji Katsuda

Musical robots and humans form a band and play original musical instruments. Instruments are a mixture of electronic and traditional musical instruments.


Raffaello Bonghi

Nanosaur is a fully 3D printable robot made to work on your desk. Use a simple camera and use 2 OLED-like eyes. The size is only 10x12x6cm in only 500g and with a simple power-bank can wandering your desktop autonomously.

  J.2.06 (pav. J)

Riccardo Tesorini

This sound installation arises from the need to reflect the emotional disconnection we experience today due to the health emergency.

Gymnasium Vukovar, Croatia / Class Sophomore (Second year of high school)

Our project is based on the wireless transmission of signals using the principle of radio transmission whose initiator was Nikola Tesla.

Giuseppe Notarstefano, Ivano Notarnicola, Andrea Testa, Andrea Camisa, Guido Carnevale, Lorenzo Sforni

OPT4SMART goals: i) provide a theoretical framework to solve distributed optimization problems; ii) develop numerical optimization tools for cyber-physical networks

  B.02 (pav. B)

Elettra Robotics Lab

ElettrinoPlus is a prototyping board for DIY robotics with high performance, compatible with the Arduino environment.

  K.05 (pav. K)

Daniele Loddo

An inkjet printer was transformed into a plotter by adding only an Arduino UNO board. With appropriate modifications it is possible to transform it into a vinyl, cardboard, paper or leather cutter.

  E.06 (pav. E)

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

PoopBot is a robot that fuses technology, kawaii and fun for all!

Prof. Vincenzo Lippiello, Laboratorio di robotica PRISMA Lab dell'Universit Federico II di Napoli

The PON-PlaCE project aims to test new technologies for the monitoring and eco-sustainable reuse of disused offshore platforms

  B.07 (pav. B)


PVCorobot is a self-built collaborative robot with recycled materials and at low cost, controlled by a Siemens S71200 PLC following the real-time information received from a neural network in Python language installed on a Jetson Nano GPU.

Marco Picarella

REaD-EV3 is a e-learning project for educational robotics based on Lego Mindstorms EV3 and Open Roberta Lab platform

  J.2.08 (pav. J)

Gianluca Palli - Universit di Bologna

Come and discover the robotic solutions for the manipulation of deformable objects such as cables and hoses developed in REMODEL

  B.08 (pav. B)

SPQR Team - Sapienza Universit di Roma, HULKs - Hamburg University of Technology

Teams of fully autonomous robots play soccer with teams of 5 robots each. The initiative promotes robotics and AI research.

  B.C (pav. B)


robots for social work and for catering

Easy Automation srl

Autonomous Mobile Robot made in the industrial standard and integrated Artificial Intelligence as an additional safety element

  B.21 (pav. B)

Elettra Robotics Lab

Lambda is a multifunctional robot designed to move around the home.

  K.05 (pav. K)

Emanuele Antonioni, Daniele Nardi, Lun Wang, Lab RoCoCo Sapienza

This project concerns a robot capable of interpreting and performing signs in the Italian Sign Language.

  B.17 (pav. B)

Elettra Robotics Lab

Uranus is a 22 dof humanoid robot developed by ERL with the aim of reaching 80 cm tall, thus exceeding the limit of previous projects.

  K.05 (pav. K)

Buzatu, Lombardo e Violo ITET Rapisardi Da Vinci Caltanissetta

Sakrim is a device consisting of a robotic arm that autonomously plays TRIS facing a human opponent.

Simone Tolomei

A small and versatile ROS-powered robot built to learn, experiment, and test artificial vision algorithms for robotic systems.

  J.2.07 (pav. J)

Natascia Kurek

Design and build robotic systems similar to those used for space exploration

  D.07 (pav. D)

Scuderia Tor Vergata

Scuderia Tor Vergata is the official Formula SAE Team of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, based in Rome, Italy.

  J.1.19 (pav. J)
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