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Giacomo Cesari

Flying Drone with dangerous gases and particulate sensors for altitude analysis

  J.2.03 (pav. J)

DHLab Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici - Roma Tre

How can ICT empower Humanities? One question, different answers for Archaeology, Geography, Italian Literature, Paleography, History, Art History and Philology.

Anatole Deligant, Paulo Sacramento, Sveinung Loekken

Explore a 3D model of the ESA/ESRIN site in Virtual Reality, augmented with Air Quality data

  J.1.26 (pav. J)

Dott. Mauro Pagano - Consiglio per la Ricerca in Agricoltura e l'Analisi dell'Economia Agraria (CREA) - Centro di ricerca Ingegneria e Trasformazioni agroalimentari (CREA-IT)

Social farming: sustainable rural mobility and disability; the MOBI.RU.D. project Construction, development and fine-tuning of a self-propelled vehicle with electric traction to facilitate the mobility of disabled people with reduced mobility in rural environments, at the same time giving the possibility to carry out agricultural work.

  J.S.01 (pav. J)

My Frame FPV

My Frame FPV combines passion and skills to create elite products dedicated to the world of FPV drones.

  J.2.01 (pav. J)

Giuseppe Notarstefano, Ivano Notarnicola, Andrea Testa, Andrea Camisa, Guido Carnevale, Lorenzo Sforni

OPT4SMART goals: i) provide a theoretical framework to solve distributed optimization problems; ii) develop numerical optimization tools for cyber-physical networks

  B.02 (pav. B)

Davide Petenzi

Some cool projects with arduino and 3d prints, a neopixel old clock, led matrix frames and fpv drones!!

  F.02 (pav. F)

Prof. Vincenzo Lippiello, Laboratorio di robotica PRISMA Lab dell'Universit Federico II di Napoli

The PON-PlaCE project aims to test new technologies for the monitoring and eco-sustainable reuse of disused offshore platforms

  B.07 (pav. B)

Lorenzo Lovaglio

The Sapienza Flight Team was born with the aim of designing, developing and building remotely piloted aircraft (UAV)

  D.07 (pav. D)

Natascia Kurek

Design and build robotic systems similar to those used for space exploration

  D.07 (pav. D)

Angelo Riccaboni

Siena Food Lab is a transfer technology and training project, which supports the agri-food sector, promoted by the MPS Foundation and Santa Chiara Lab

  J.S.21 (pav. J)

Istituto Salesiano Bologna (referente Prof. Lanzoni Ing. Elio)

The present invention carries out in-flight surveys of water pollutants by using a drone.

  J.2.12 (pav. J)

i.s.i.s. "G. GALILEI" Mirandola

our drone device can recognize thermal images from people or organic waste at night. It can send the image to the remote location via Wi-Fi connection. moreover, thanks to other sensors, it can recognize the presence of hazardous waste gas emissions

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