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The first eco-boat built by students with recycled materials to sail the Adriatica Sea in a non-competitive and crazy race.

  J.2.09 (pav. J)

4 APM -Isis Valdarno polo professionale Moda Industria e artigianato per il Made In Italy

The project aims to propose a capsule collection entirely made with Bio-Based fiber or Secon Life yarns.


Michelangelo Maugeri - IT Archimede di Catania

The project allows you to recycle polymeric materials, saves on the cost of reels, producing the filament for 3D printers.

Paolo Ginefra, Antonio Manuel Marulli, Alice Grossi, Giorgia Mira, Claudio Capurso, Fabrizio Di Carlo

A.R.A.C.H.N.E. is able to probe the soil, mapping and weeding the weeds to reuse them for soil mulching.

La classe 4Bi a.s. 2020/2021 dellIndirizzo Informatica e Telecomunicazione dell'IISS "E. Majorana" di Martina Franca (Ta), coordinata dal prof. Stefano Ignazzi

Monitor situations of violation of the distance between people, of the number in contingent environments, of the use of the mask, of the positioning during shows.


Fablab Algeri Marino

Artificial intelligence system for the predictive maintenance of an engine based on a card Arduino and Tensorflow.

Mirella Tissi, Roman Manole, Lorenzo Aquilani, Lorenzo Rapiti, Alessandro Carofano, Riccardo Tranfa, Carrus Noemi, ITT "Da Vinci" Viterbo

airport automatic pilot device to carry luggage and passengers from entrance to the check-in desk.

Team di studenti delle classi 4C, 4B IIS Einstein-Bachelet, Roma . PCTO con tutoring "Officine Robotiche", Roma

The system assists the user in the process of collinear alignment between two points in space. Specifically, it provides the current angles relative to the Azimuth, Elevation and Polarization of the illuminator (in the case of linear polarization signals).

  J.2.13 (pav. J)

Team DigiLAB Volta - I.I.S. Alessandro Volta Frosinone

The Android called 'Brother', with autonomous decision-making abilities and interaction with the outside world based on event recognition through the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques. Brother is able to recognize the Italian sign language LIS by translating it into audio and Braille.

Classe 3 A indirizzo informatica Anno Scolastico 2020-2021

Autodome company has decided to create sunshade panel able to diffuse sunlight by filtering UV rays. The prototypewas made with the support of external companies. Problems/Opportunities The panel was created with the intention of letting the sun's rays pass and retaining UV rays, creating an area of soft light. Our panel is efficient, innovative and has no direct competitors on the market.


IVB art. Elettrotecnica ITI "A. Russo" Nicotera (VV)

When altruism and technological skills meet the needs of the less fortunate, the result is guaranteed! Being warned in advance of obstacles and knowing the extent of the difference in height to be tackled are fundamental functions to feel freer!


Marco Martucci, insieme alle allieve del triennio del corso "Servizi per la Sanit e lAssistenza Sociale dellIIS C. Cavour di Vercelli

"BodyMove" was created with the aim of offering both able-bodied/disabled people, opportunity to perform exercises guided by sound

Tommaso Caligari, Giada Bausani, Zineb Kamal 4CA-1EB ITI OMAR NOVARA

We produced Cu2O nanoparticles to develop an artificial photosynthesis process to convert CO2 and water into methanol.

Classe 3 B Informatica Leonardo da Vinci Viterbo

We thought of creating a device that was useful and functional for those who have communication problems


Rothaugen skole

A project that combines the traditional elements of Mathematics with the interactive elements of gaming.

Classe 4A dell'indirizzo di Meccanica Meccatronica ed Energia dell'Istituto Mattei di Conselve (PD)

This is a hydraulic bench that automatically measures the thermal power handed over by heated water to the air.

Christian Ferracane

We are building a rocket capable of self-stabilizing (thrust vectoring control) through a specially designed and developed avionics system

Fablab Algeri Marino

SMART WATER ANALYSIS is a tap equipped with a TDS sensor that detects the amount of dissolved solids in the water, allowing us to determine whether the water is safe to drink.

I.T. "L. Di Maggio", San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) - Vittorio Lo Mele, Alessio Cusenza, Pio Carriera.

The student wearing the device is able to record their brain activity during a learning session.

Matteo Carbone, Simone Giacomini 4 CA, ITI OMAR NOVARA

We have been designed and developed an antiviral facemask which uses nanotechnology to stop viruses including COVID-19.


Perotto Davide, Serra Enrico e Matteo Burzio della 4A Sc, Liceo A. Monti di Chieri (TO)

Our project is a home-made 3D printer designed to be as professional and sustainable as possible.

Gymnasium Vukovar, Croatia / Class Sophomore (Second year of high school)

Our project is based on the wireless transmission of signals using the principle of radio transmission whose initiator was Nikola Tesla.

Diego Romeo

A set of eleven Python simulators to study uniform circular motion, harmonic motion and collisions.

  J.2.15 (pav. J)


PVCorobot is a self-built collaborative robot with recycled materials and at low cost, controlled by a Siemens S71200 PLC following the real-time information received from a neural network in Python language installed on a Jetson Nano GPU.

Buzatu, Lombardo e Violo ITET Rapisardi Da Vinci Caltanissetta

Sakrim is a device consisting of a robotic arm that autonomously plays TRIS facing a human opponent.


Metaproject of the urban area and the rainwater phyto-purification system for the resolution of hydrogeological instability and the creation of a natural park.


Smart School for Healthier Classrooms allows automatic and continuous monitoring of AIQ in school environments

Culmone, Ottaviano e TaschettiITET Rapisardi Da Vinci Caltanissetta.

SMurphy is the techno-digital version of the famous game of the marble track. Moving your body you will lead the marble to the finish line.

Istituto Salesiano Bologna (referente Prof. Lanzoni Ing. Elio)

The present invention carries out in-flight surveys of water pollutants by using a drone.

  J.2.12 (pav. J)

gli studenti della classe IV insieme al Prof. Fernando Rea

Educational prototype of an electric car made by the Sandro Pertini Professional Institute of Alatri using a DC motor / differential axis, batteries and photovoltaic panels

  J.2.11 (pav. J)

Classe 4A Chimica ITI Cannizzaro Catania

From citrus peels it is possible to obtain, by steam distillation, natural solvents with low environmental impact.

  J.2.14 (pav. J)

i.s.i.s. "G. GALILEI" Mirandola

our drone device can recognize thermal images from people or organic waste at night. It can send the image to the remote location via Wi-Fi connection. moreover, thanks to other sensors, it can recognize the presence of hazardous waste gas emissions

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