Exhibitors 2021

"Eco - La sostenibilità da indossare"

The project involves both the research and the realization field through a careful analysis of the new perspectives of the textile sector in the field of sustainability and the relative application of materials for the realization of prototypes.
The capsule collection we present is entirely made with Bio-Based fibers or 100% Secon Life yarns in an ethical vision of Circular Economy that involves both the product and the consumer and that maintains the values of "beauty", "creativity" and "originality" that distinguish the Made in Italy.
Our outfits have been entirely made with eco-sustainable fibers such as nettle, coffee and crabyon; behind the realization of each dress we carried out a long research on the material used and the production processes: - Environmental impact

  • Characteristics of Bio-baset fibers for health

  • Models of ethical production
    For the presentation of the collection we are making a short film set in an important historic building of our territory.

4 APM -Isis Valdarno polo professionale Moda “Industria e artigianato per il Made In Italy”

The class is a fourth of the professional fashion address "Industry and Craftsmanship for Made in Italy" who developed the project with the support of teachers of technical-professional subjects, deepening the themes on sustainability with research and documentaries.The project will be presented by a student of the Tozzi Manuel class; the students were supported in the realizations by the teachers: Prof. Chialli Frangipani Silvia, Prof. D'Ammassa Sebastiano and Prof. Teoli Valentina.

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