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AF.Slider - the AFfordable Slider

AF.Slider - the AFfordable Slider

AF.Slider is a simple slider for video making, photography, time-lapse and stop-motion animation.
What sets it apart is the idea behind it: AF.Slider wants to be an affordable instrumentation booth for the professionals and the simple lovers which cannot purchase expensive technical equipment.
The project slogan is #noncebudget (there is no budget): the aim of the project is to realize a slider that is as professional as possible, keeping anyway a low price for the final product. In addition, for the real makers, the project will be entirely open-source, so whoever can download all the files and build its own DIY slider.
The entire structure is designed and optimized for 3D printing, and the rest of the parts that cannot be printed will be of simple findability, such as aluminum profiles for the main rails, which section has been also chosen to optimize the moment of inertia in the load direction.
In addition, to increase the compatibility and usability of the slider, everyday power banks and USB charger can be used as the main powersource.

The long term goal of the project is to expand the basic slider with additional features, like a pan-tilt head (to control the motion along the other two main axes) and a central block to increase the total run of the slider.

AF.Slider - the AFfordable Slider

Fulvio Airaghi

I was Born in Rho (MI) in 1994, I undertook my studies as a chemical technical specialist, followed by a master in Materials engineering at the Politecnico di Milano. During my master thesis, I was lucky enough to work at the Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli (Bologna), on an experimental protocol to perform mechanical characterization of the cortical bone tissue. It has been a very exciting period, during which I have been able to study more in depth the biomedical field, and more precisely the biological materials sector. In addition, Ive spent a lot of time in Rizzoli's mechanical workshop, taking the chance to express my passion for manual work.
Infact, as long as I can remember, Ive always been a DIY lover: starting with the disastrous attempts of replicating the Art-Attack works, to the countless construction made with Lego blocks and the Meccanos parts.
The next step was to get in touch with the Arduino world: once I discovered what it can do, and how easy and versatile it was, an infinite quantity of ideas and opportunities opened up in front of me.

In the meantime, Ive grown another great passion: video making. Initially, I began with some very simple animations, created by some scrawl drawn on the computer, till I landed on realizing some basic short movies a few years ago. I think this is a very fascinating activity, that takes my mind away from the pragmatic engineering world, and helps me to release my creativity and fantasy.

Even today, all those passions push me to keep alive my creativity and manual skill, in addition to increasing my desire of exploring new fields, and feeds my dream of creating my little and personal activity.

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