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MEMEX: Memories for inclusive digital storytelling

MEMEX: Memories for inclusive digital storytelling

MEMEX promotes social cohesion through collaborative, heritage-related tools that provide inclusive access to cultural heritage and, at the same time, facilitate encounters and interactions between communities at risk of social exclusion.

These tools will empower people to weld together their fragmented experiences and memories into compelling and geolocalised storylines using new digital content linked to the pre-existent Cultural Heritage.

The tools of MEMEX will allow the communities to tell their stories and to claim their rights and equal participation in the European society.

MEMEX: Memories for inclusive digital storytelling

The MEMEX consortium (9 partners from 6 countries in Europe)

Members of the MEMEX consortium:
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italy)
Interactive Technologies Institute - LARSyS (Portugal)
NOHO Limited (Ireland)
EY Advisory SpA (Italy)
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France)
Michael Culture Association (Belgium)
ECCOM - Centro Europeo per l'Organizzazione e il Management Culturale (Italy)
Fundacio Interarts per a la Cooperacio Cultural Internacional (Spain)
Mapas das Ideias (Portugal)

Third parties:
University Ca'Foscari di Venezia (Italy)
Ddale (France)

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