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Apphia s.r.l.

Apphia s.r.l.

Apphia s.r.l. is an Italian Engineering company specialized in Research and Development of innovative solutions for complexes systems in the field of aerospace, naval robotics, aquaculture, precision agriculture, water network monitoring and energy optimization, industrial process innovation.
Established in March 2011 as a spin-off reality and with an operational headquarter in Lecce, Apphia involves people and skills developed at the University of Salento and it is the natural evolution of past collaborative activities with several industrial realities. Since March 2019 is registered in the Special section of Innovative SMEs.
The focus: the research and identification of methods, tools and techniques for managing complex systems.
The monitoring and control of data and process states to "extract knowledge" and "support" a decision maker (whether it is a user, an operator, a vehicle or an autonomous system, ...).
The latest research activities are in the sectors of naval robotics and smart farming.
In particular:

  1. cooperative control of swarms of autonomous marine vehicles and of a support vessel through instruments to plan and control missions;

  2. decision support models, artificial intelligence and multi-sensor systems;

  3. a monitoring and decision support system in the SMART AGRICULTURE field: AGRI - Agriculture: Management, Savings and Innovation. AGRI system supports farms and farmers, and it is able to implement a management strategy of smart agriculture and viticulture. Thanks to the use of technology, it aims at improving agronomic interventions, with the aim of obtaining sustainable agriculture both from an ecological-environmental and economic point of view.

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