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I- TELEX  the Teleprinter Reloaded

I- TELEX the Teleprinter Reloaded

The world and history of the TELEX and Teletypewriter service as it was yesterday and how it has been brought back to life today in the Internet age, keeping the operating mode unchanged, as if the original service were still active.
The project offers the possibility of understanding the functioning of the TELEX network and what was the evolution of written telecommunications in the last century (1920-2006) when the teleprinter was the only existing tool for sending a written text IN REAL TIME from a part of the globe to the other.
At the stand it is possible to "chat" with a 1950s teleprinter, making a TELEX call, connecting to a network of collectors around the world, or "punch" a text on punched tape or send an email to the teleprinter.

I- TELEX  the Teleprinter Reloaded

Gruppo Internazionale Collezionisti Telescriventi

We are an international group of teletypewriter collectors dedicated to their preservation and organized in an online FORUM. The group includes collectors of all ages, from Italy, Australia, Europe, America, Canada who exchange ideas and carry out projects to keep those machines (that have made the history of telecommunications) functional and online.

  H17 (pav. 3H.17)
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