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Francesco Maria Bucarelli, Laura Paganini


Studente Ciro Pellecchia e Achille Moscardino

Our project was designed to significantly reduce the pollution caused by the spraying of chemical products such as copper and sulfur in the vineyards. Copper is a heavy metal and for this reason toxic to soils while sulfur causes serious irritation to the respiratory system and to the skin of men. These two pollutants are very harmful to our ecosystem and the environment. Unfortunately, these products are widely used in agriculture because they are used to fight diseases such as Peronospora and Oidium. These fungi affect all agricultural cultures but in particular the excellent vine of Made Italy for the production of quality wine.

4E ITTS Alessandro Volta di Tivoli - Guidonia

SaveWater 2 #SaveEarth is a must. #Agricolture sustain people. #AquaTerra project can help us to take care about #water and #environment.

Stefano Di Domenico, Beatrice Palermo, Irene Nepita, Matteo Santoliquido, Franco De Cian.

How to build a perfusion system for research purposes using low-cost components.

  C15 (pav. 6C.15)

Nicolò Girotti, Lorenzo Schiavello, Gabriele Santoro, Marco Durdea

This aerospace biology project will reveal the best culture method to obtain the resources necessary for survival on Mars.

E.G. Di Domenico, L. Toma, F. Ensoli

Diagnostic assay to determine antibiotic activity in biofilm-forming microorganisms, using a standardized diagnostic system, called BeST.

Enrico Stulin

BirdWatch AI: Leveraging TensorFlow for automated bird species identification in open-source birdwatching.

ITS JobsAcademy - Smart Solutions - Freemind Design Studio

Choosy is the App that supports laboratory operators and technicians recommending the most sustainable types of sample preparation

Antonio Di Giovanni

Circular Farm is a circular urban farm, where nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.

  D13 (pav. 4D.13)

Studenti di 3C e 4C dell’indirizzo Biotecnologie Ambientali

Creation of environmentally friendly fabrics using digital 3D printing technologies, by bacterial cellulose obtained from agri-food waste.

I ragazzi del corso "Enofood Experience" della Fondazione ITS E.A.T. di Grosseto

"Franchino il robottino" is a robot capable of moving autonomously on the ground and, thanks to the advanced technology with which it is equipped, will be able to analyze the technical parameters of the ground. This allows the farmer to have the results in real time (or in any case a few minutes after the analysis) without having to wait days (as in the current laboratory analysis method).

  E2 (pav. 6E.02)

Prof.ssa Laura De Gara

At Maker Faire UCBM will present projects and experimental tools to face the challenges that climate change is posing to the food supply chain.

  A10 (pav. 4A.10)

Ivano Pelicella, Marco Rossi

Hi-Sound Compact is the solution for you: the first professional stereo parabolic microphone specifically designed to work with your camera.

  C11 (pav. 5C.11)

prof. ssa Irene Tarantino, prof. Giovanni Gemignani

The project aims to make students passionate about science by building low cost tools for environmental monitoring


Using 3D technology for inclusive teaching and learning, making scientific divulgation more accessible to everyone

Cristina Panti, Matteo Baini, Maria Cirstina Fossi (Università di Siena). Stefania di Vito, Elisa Scocchera, Marzia Mattioli (Legambiente)

Life MUSCLES, circular innovations to protect the sea

Isabella Pisano e Antonino Biundo

With a creative scientific and culture approach MICRO4BIO project aims to promote the impact of biotechnology on everyday life.

Luigi d'Aquino

The 'Microcosm to grow plants under biotic and abiotic conditioning' is an innovative device for growing plants under laboratory conditions like under wild and crop conditions, suitable for basic and applied reasearch.

  C4 (pav. 4C.04)


lnteractive virtual reality path on the heritage of the Museum of School and Education, Department of Education, Roma Tre University

Castelli International School, Rome Grade 8

Biofabrication at Castelli International School. Replace plastic with a sustainable material that grows on agricultural waste to make a lamp

Prof.ssa Agata Aurilio-ITI "G.Ferraris" Napoli

The project consists of two devices that had the aim of responding to the health emergency due to Covid-19

  D10 (pav. 8D.10)

OfficineApogeo srls, Costantina De Mitri, Luca Di Massimo

We will perform some chemistry, physics and biology experiments, useful to improve science teaching at school.

  E12 (pav. 8E.12)

Annalisa Santucci, Stefania Lamponi, Michela Geminiani, Ottavia Spiga, Giacomo Spinsanti

Innovation Lab with the goal of creating products derived from waste, which can make the process of formulating a new product and bring it to market

G. Blandino, S. Strano, S. Donzelli C.Pulito, C.Frascolla, S. Vaccarella, D.Rutigliano, R. Brandi

3D culture models of cancer cells used to replicate tumor biology for drug development and personalized medicine.

GenB, BlueMissionMed

Discover green and blue economy, for a sustainable and healthy Planet.

Gruppo Ecosistemi & Tecnologia - I.I.S. Piazza della Resistenza Monterotondo (RM)

POT is an instrument capable of measuring temperature, pH and TDS in water and understand if it is drinkable.

IIS Giorgi-Woolf (RMIS121002), classe 4Bs, autori: Andrea Bianchi, Mattia Esposito, Davide Giardino, Emanuele Masini, Giulio Mischi , docente: Benedetta Macina, Angela Testa Piccolomini

The greenhouse is designed for environments where the growth of vegetation is hostile or specific periods of the year where climatic conditions do not allow it.

Rome Technopole Spoke 5 CNR

Innovation, Education and Outreach for a Sustainable Future

Cassandra Serantoni, Marco de Spirito, Giuseppe Maulucci, Alessia Riente, Giada Bianchetti, Alessio Abeltino - Metabolic Intelligence Lab

A tool for personalized cosmetics

  D19 (pav. 6D.19)

Francesca Costantini, Nicola Lovecchio, Cesare Manetti, Massimo Reverberi, Giampiero de Cesare and Domenico Caputo

Agritech is an ambitious project funded by PNRR which deals with proposing innovative solutions to transform the Italian agri-food sector. It is divided in 9 sub-projects, namely "spoke" each one with a different target to achieve. Spoke 9, New technologies and methodologies for traceability, quality, safety, measurements and certifications to enhance the value and protect the typical traits in agri-food chains, aims to develop sensors and tools to create a large retrievable database concerning the farm to fork chain which, eventually, will be available to stakeholders as a DSS.

Annamaria Bevivino, Roberto Balducchi, Gianfranco Diretto, Antonio Molino, Claudia Zoani, Silvia Massa

The ENEA projects funded by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNPRR) on Sustainable Food Systems.

Antonio Idà

a green advancement in spirulina production

prof. carlo Giuseppe Rizzello

A team of researchers in Food Science and Technology of the Sapienza University is working to develop, together with industrial partners, innovative bio-processes for foods and beverages making.


Fermentation times, energy costs and environmental impact reduced by 30 percent.

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