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LARM - Laboratorio di Robotica e Meccatronica - Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Il futuro della robotica grazie alla stampa 3D e all'ispirazione della natura

Antonio Pallotti, Francesca Laganaro, Annalisa Mancini, Raffaella Calabrese, Matteo Angelucci, Emanuele Piuzzi, Alessandra Paffi, Giuseppe Marano, Marianna Mazza, Giovanni Albani, Giuseppe Veneziano

Machine learning models based on grapho-phonological signals for screening and telemonitoring of Parkinson's and Depression

IIS Palmieri Rampone Polo

Innovativo programma didattico che comprende un insieme di attività progettuali finalizzate all’invio di palloni sonda e relativi payload nella Stratosfera.

Emanuele Giacomini, Leonardo Brizi, Luca Di Giammarino

Precise, cost-effective 3D mapping system for advanced perception functions.

Studente Ciro Pellecchia e Achille Moscardino

Our project was designed to significantly reduce the pollution caused by the spraying of chemical products such as copper and sulfur in the vineyards. Copper is a heavy metal and for this reason toxic to soils while sulfur causes serious irritation to the respiratory system and to the skin of men. These two pollutants are very harmful to our ecosystem and the environment. Unfortunately, these products are widely used in agriculture because they are used to fight diseases such as Peronospora and Oidium. These fungi affect all agricultural cultures but in particular the excellent vine of Made Italy for the production of quality wine.


In SynDiag we enable early diagnosis of gynecological cancers via ultrasound with artificial intelligence.

  H5 (pav. 3)

Roberto Meattini, Alex Pasquali, Davide Chiaravalli, Claudio Melchiorri, Gianluca Palli

The University of Bologna showcases AI-driven robotics, highlighting projects in manipulation, industrial production, and quality control, fostering innovation.

Freie Maker e.V.

Freie Maker e.V. is a maker community from Aachen, Germany. Freie Maker wants to let people get access to technologies, through DIY, OpenSource, and learning by doing. With Alice, we want to give people a playful way into quantum technology basics. This is mostly achieved with led games, with technology hidden behind an artistic, natural surface.

  C15 (pav. 3)

4E ITTS Alessandro Volta di Tivoli - Guidonia

SaveWater 2 #SaveEarth is a must. #Agricolture sustain people. #AquaTerra project can help us to take care about #water and #environment.

Gruppo di Ricerca in Automazione e Controllo - Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Hardware and software development of a real-time control system with rad-hard specifications for manipulators operating on nuclear fusion reactors

Alberto Sciamplicotti

Video and photographic digital surgical archive

Stefano Di Domenico, Beatrice Palermo, Irene Nepita, Matteo Santoliquido, Franco De Cian.

How to build a perfusion system for research purposes using low-cost components.

Nicolò Girotti, Lorenzo Schiavello, Gabriele Santoro, Marco Durdea

This aerospace biology project will reveal the best culture method to obtain the resources necessary for survival on Mars.

Associazione AstronomiAmo

Automated system aimed to meteor detection, citizen science and Sky and Air Quality level

  H5 (pav. 8)

Manole Lorenzo, Vergari Adriano Liam, Di Maggio Alex, Recchia Alessandro, Palermo Federico, Bulla Giorgio

Our project’s aim is to build a device that makes it possible for blind people to improve their sensory abilities by using a low latency wearable device that brings back an immediate feedback

  H3 (pav. 6)

E.G. Di Domenico, L. Toma, F. Ensoli

Diagnostic assay to determine antibiotic activity in biofilm-forming microorganisms, using a standardized diagnostic system, called BeST.

Enrico Stulin

BirdWatch AI: Leveraging TensorFlow for automated bird species identification in open-source birdwatching.

Lorenzo Nasi, Yuxi Wang, Edoardo Nasi, Davide Sicignani

Reducing one's CO2 footprint is perceived as a cost. Change2 is the climate fintech solution that reverses this equation. We accelerate the decarbonization of the economy by transforming it from a cost into an opportunity for individuals.

Alessia Riente*, Giada Bianchetti, Alessio Abeltino, Cassandra Serantoni, Giuseppe Maulucci, Marco De Spirito

A tool to realize a personalized chewing pattern

ITS JobsAcademy - Smart Solutions - Freemind Design Studio

Choosy is the App that supports laboratory operators and technicians recommending the most sustainable types of sample preparation

Domenico Prattichizzo

We will show how to recreate an interaction with remote/virtual environment and werable haptic devices

  E11 (pav. 5)

Domenico Prattichizzo

We will show how to recreate an interaction with remote/virtual environments and wearable haptic devices.

Pervasive Electromagnetics Lab - Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Wearable and implantable sensors for a monitored human body

Flying Demon s.r.l.

Innovative startup and university spinoff founded by young researchers for environmental monitoring via drones for radiometric measurements of the territory.

  L16 (pav. 3)

Stella Uzochukwu-Denis

Revolutionize education with interactive game-based learning! Experience innovative tools bridging the digital divide, and empowering students through fun. #EdTech #Innovation #MakerFaire" (247 characters)

ESA - European Space Agency

Looking back to Earth. What Earth Observation satellites and their sensor discover everyday about our planet.

  L7 (pav. 3)

Classe 4K di Elettronica e Automazione e 5M di Informatica dell'ITI Galileo Ferraris di Napoli

Automa, eco-sustainable and ecological that aims to combat the pollution of marine ecosystems through the use of artificial intelligence and a cutting-edge telecommunications network.

Massimiliano Ferrari - RetroMaximo

Replica of the "flux capacitor" from "Back to the Future"

  G2 (pav. 3)

I ragazzi del corso "Enofood Experience" della Fondazione ITS E.A.T. di Grosseto

"Franchino il robottino" is a robot capable of moving autonomously on the ground and, thanks to the advanced technology with which it is equipped, will be able to analyze the technical parameters of the ground. This allows the farmer to have the results in real time (or in any case a few minutes after the analysis) without having to wait days (as in the current laboratory analysis method).


Improve your quality of life with static magnetic stimulation: innovation is in the palm of your hand

Angel Cabello

A DIY calculator to program (in Python) and resolve math symbolic problems.

Fondazione ITS Biotecnologie

Unveil the future of orthopedic recovery: an innovative, speedy and comfortable medical breakthrough for fractures, outshining traditional plaster casts.

Prof.ssa Laura De Gara

At Maker Faire UCBM will present projects and experimental tools to face the challenges that climate change is posing to the food supply chain.

  A10 (pav. 4)

Restaino Domenico, Bruno Maddalena, Orlando Imma, Maggio Giovanni, DeCarlo Donatella, Schiavone Valentino and Bellettieri Vincenzo

Experiment smart and green processes for farms that are also economically sustainable

Nicolò Boccardo, Riccardo Galviati, Andrea Marinelli

HANNES, the prosthetic hand and wrist

  E9 (pav. 5)

HaRmonicV Control & Consulting - Università degli Studi di Rome Tor Vergata

The revolution in personalized training programs and fitness analysis

Ivano Pelicella, Marco Rossi

Hi-Sound Compact is the solution for you: the first professional stereo parabolic microphone specifically designed to work with your camera.

  C11 (pav. 5)

Antonio Ianiero

An exhibit about the the extraordinary beauty of oscillatory motions

  C19 (pav. 5)

Carmine Bourelly, Luigi Ferrigno, Gianfranco Miele

IoT smart sensor for Radon gas concentration monitoring in indoor working places according to the EU Council Directive 2013/59/EURATOM.

Michela Addis, Giorgia Masili, Caterina Conigliani, Luca Spinesi, Elina De Simone, Luca Aversano, Mariachiara Giorda, Elisabetta Bonvino

Cultural Heritage is a key driver of individual well-being and resilience. Our project tests this relationship

Marco Baruzzo e Carlo Fonda

By re-using a water fountain we built a "Wilson's Cloud chamber" particle detector, come and enjoy electrons and muons!

Prof. Stefano Carrese, Prof. Marialisa Nigro, Prof. Fabrizio D’Amico.

Technologies for tracking, tracing and classifying vehicular and pedestrian flows. Digital models of linear transportation infrastructure making use also of cutting-edge technologies such as VR & AR viewers.

  D20 (pav. 6)

prof. ssa Irene Tarantino, prof. Giovanni Gemignani

The project aims to make students passionate about science by building low cost tools for environmental monitoring


Using 3D technology for inclusive teaching and learning, making scientific divulgation more accessible to everyone

Maurizio Mario Murino

A tool to help medical professionals evaluate the empirical rigour of scientific papers.

Marco Bascietto, Alessandro Alivernini, Loredana Oreti

LIFE FOLIAGE aims to improve forest governance through the digitization of administrative procedure and the implementation of satellite imagery.

  D8 (pav. 6)

Cristina Panti, Matteo Baini, Maria Cirstina Fossi (Università di Siena). Stefania di Vito, Elisa Scocchera, Marzia Mattioli (Legambiente)

Life MUSCLES, circular innovations to protect the sea

Marco Fellin, Roberto Scotta, Emanuele Sartori, Ario Ceccotti, Daniele Casagrande, Andrea Polastri, XLAM Dolomiti spa

LifeShell. Life in a shell: life saving wooden furniture protecting from earthquakes collapses.

LongITools Research Team - Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata

Intelligent system to monitor and analyze the interactions between environment, lifestyle and health

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