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Pasquale Pepe e Agnello Pepe

BR is the perfect device to control PC and not just with your hand. Thanks to its own interface it is possible to customize the device at 360°.

Kevin McAleer

Bubo is a Steampunk-style companion robot that can toot pictures based on a user's hand gestures.

Liberini Giorgio

Stage costume with a wearable device capable of illuminating based on the movements of the wearer, designed for dancers and performers.

  C20 (pav. 5C.20)

Cybersecurity National Lab CINI & Scuola IMT Alti Studi Lucca

An Escape Room to raise awareness about cybersecurity: prevent a cyber attack from the evil Nerd Corporation together with your team of ethical hackers!

  F6 (pav. 5F.06)

Angel Cabello

A DIY calculator to program (in Python) and resolve math symbolic problems.

Gruppo Internazionale Collezionisti Telescriventi

The world and history of the TELEX service and Teletype and how it was yesterday and how it has been brought back to life today in the age of the Internet.

Matteo Di Troia, Andrea Bachini, Multiconnect, Alessandro Splendori e Manfredi Scanagatta. Come consulente tecnico la Reelco di Paolo Aliverti.

We have created Light Wheel, an open-source board that repurposes components from discarded scooters, reducing environmental impact. We present a prototype application for manual wheelchairs, offering low-cost autonomous mobility for disabled individuals. The board provides advanced functionality and safety features, including speed control, anti-tipping measures, alerts, and collision sensors. Our project promotes innovation, social well-being, and the versatile potential of Light Wheel.

  A1 (pav. 6A.01)


MAUS - Arduino Clone that acts as a Mouse Jiggler. With on board RED LED and WS2812B RGB LED. Fully Customizable.

  E4 (pav. 3E.04)


Experience the future of control surfaces with Mine S - a versatile, customizable, and innovative modular controller for diverse applications.

Laurent Muzellec

Learn how to automate plant watering and hack a mosquito swatter. Two projects do not seem to share much except the passion for innovation and sharing in a pure Maker spirit!

Giacomo Alessandroni

Learning robotics has never been more fun. We want the pupil overtaking the teacher: otherwise there is no progress.

Youssef Ait Ourtane, Samuele Celebre, Gabriele Germanetto, Federico Schiavon, Marco Silba, Marco Tarantini

Working on a DOTT scooter, one of the main global players in the field of urban Sharing Mobility, we build a support that allows to attach it securely to a light wheelchair.

Claudio La Rosa e Cesare di Mauro

Artificial intelligence. IoT. Human Brain Simulation. Supercomputing. Overcoming Moore's law. All this in an innovative project!

Wei Xuelai, Wong Tat Hang, Zheng Jiakun

uAir is a portable CO2 Monitor for health-conscious individuals.

Cristiano Reis Monteiro

A cheap, accurate, self-contained, dual-powered (mains and batteries), wireless-enabled, and portable NTP time server.

  C25 (pav. 3C.25)
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