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" Ascolta la vita ! "

ANGELO is an open source hearing device that promotes access to hearing care for seniors and in LMICs.
With over 1.5 billion people suffering from hearing loss, often linked to cases of dementia, it represents an inclusive, economical and customizable solution: a change within reach for millions of people.
In summary, ANGELO is an equalized amplifier, which allows you to selectively enhance the relevant auditory frequencies, improving the understanding of speech and the perception of emotions related to sound.

Luciano Fumagalli

Curious pensioner and lover of lateral thinking.

An early worker, always employed by technology companies, from SMEs to multinationals, I graduated from night school and then completed my training working with passionate and competent colleagues.

Since I was very young, I have been attracted to looking inside objects and people: this curiosity has accompanied my daily life ever since.

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