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0x33.board - isomorphic music keyboard

0x33.board - isomorphic music keyboard

The 0x33.board is an open-source MIDI keyboard with hexagonal keys that enables the use of "isomorphic" note layouts.

With such layouts, notes are arranged in a regular grid so that the distance between keys corresponds directly to the musical interval between them, which means that musical concepts like scales, chords, intervals or even entire melodies become physical shapes that can be transposed by simply moving them around on the keyboard.

This makes the math behind music theory visible and intuitive, making it easier to learn about concepts like chords, scales and intervals.

0x33.board - isomorphic music keyboard

s-ol bekic

Sol Bekic (*1997) is a creative technologist currently based in Milano, Italy.
After pursuing working as a game programmer and designer, he has turned away from the classic digital game to find more tangible, engaging and performative formats.

With an interest in computers and technology from a young age, he tries to capture the nature of his and other's human-machine relationships. Drawing from both modern and obsolete technology, he aims not to hide complexity, but to expose inner-workings to build a connection to the devices surrounding us.

  E10 (pav. 3E.10)
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