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 Interfacer Platform: Connecting Makers, Fab Labs, and SMEs

Interfacer Platform: Connecting Makers, Fab Labs, and SMEs

The Interfacer platform (also known as Fab City OS) is an innovative federated open source solution, supporting the shift towards circular economy by mapping the entire product lifecycle, from a global design to a locally produced product.
The platform promotes, assists and incentivizes distributed and collaborative practices, offering an implementation of fair and equitable compensation schemes, throughout the whole design and manufacturing lifecycle.

By signing up on the platform designers, OSH developers and makers can:

  • grow their visibility by showcase their digital designs, physical products and services

  • grow their reputation by contributing to other projects

  • grow their network by finding both online and nearby collaborators, experts and labs

  • boost their creativity by remixing and reusing existing project

  • have an immediate OSS public flavor of a Digital Product Passport prototype, available for their products, that traces and visualizes product components, and improves sustainability and recyclability

  • participate in the Creative Flows economic proposal by being reworded for continous activity on the platform with points that later on could be converted to crypto-tokens

Furthermore, when joining the platform a W3C-DID, password-less crypto wallet is created for each user, providing them with a sovereign identity, W3C compliant.

Also part of the VODE module of the Master in Design for Distributed Innovation, check out the educational programme: https://iaac.net/educational-programmes/masters-programmes/mddi-master-in-distributed-design-innovation/

 Interfacer Platform: Connecting Makers, Fab Labs, and SMEs


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