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AMELIE: communication software for Rett Syndrome children

AMELIE: communication software for Rett Syndrome children

AMELIE Eye tracking Suite promotes communication and cognitive enhancement for learning and improving interaction and understanding skills between care-givers and care-receivers.

The system integrates various technologies (mobile applications, cloud services and adaptive algorithms) to provide an innovative, complete and easy-to-use service.

The suite is made up of: amelie Mobile (app for care-givers), amelie Communicate (to communicate), amelie cognitive enhancement (to learn), amelie Play (game sessions).

AMELIE is designed for Rett syndrome but is also suitable for other severe cognitive and motor impairments. It is an innovative system designed to facilitate augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and the software includes games, communication tools, learning activities, and systematic data monitoring.

It features a simple, clean, and organized interface that allows for easy and immediate use by both the patient and caregivers. It utilizes readily available hardware, significantly reducing costs. Moreover, it is highly customizable and adaptable to each patient's needs.

AMELIE: communication software for Rett Syndrome children


AIRETT – Associazione Italiana Rett was born in 1990 from the will of parents of girls affected by Rett Syndrome who found themselves living the same reality. For over 25 years he has been dealing with pathology in all its aspects, adopting a holistic approach that faces the different and difficult tests that the disease faces
AIRETT aims to support and assist the families of subjects affected by Rett Syndrome, inform and raise awareness of this pathology, promote and support genetic, clinical and rehabilitative research to arrive at a cure for Rett Syndrome.

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