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Hannes Prosthetic Hand

Hannes Prosthetic Hand

The Hannes Hand is an upper-limb prosthetic device created by the Rehab Technology Facility of the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, in partnership with INAIL's prosthetic center in Budrio. It is a remarkable polyarticulated underactuated hand, designed to regain approximately 90% of the lost functionalities caused by amputation.
With the addition of a two-degrees-of-freedom wrist, this hand has the potential to significantly enhance the daily lives of individuals with trans-radial amputations.

Hannes Prosthetic Hand

Nicolò Boccardo, Riccardo Galviati, Andrea Marinelli

Nicolò Boccardo is the Project Leader of the Hannes prosthetic system. He leverages his extensive expertise in hi-tech medical devices to develop novel mechatronic systems in the robotics and prosthetics field.

Riccardo Galviati is a Software Engineer for the Hannes prosthetic system. His expertise lies in the development of novel control strategies for robotic medical devices.

Andrea Marinelli holds a PostDoc position for the Hannes prosthetic system. His research interest includes the development of Body Machine Body Interfaces for upper limb amputees using electromyographic signal.

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