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Life Pillars

Life Pillars

Our value proposition is based on a product called LIFE PILLARS: a green infrastructure that can mitigate urban heat islands. Life Pillars operates in the sustainable building sector with the aim of providing a solution that is simple to implement and has a high environmental impact to face the challenge of climate change. Our initiative focuses on various actions, including the reduction of heat islands, the promotion of biodiversity and the construction of structures capable of absorbing CO2, in order to create systems that respond to current environmental problems.
We offer customers three price ranges, each with different functionality and features. We provide a personalized assistance service that accompanies the customer at every stage of the process, we offer branding, marketing and communication services to help the company communicate the value of the project on its channels and we provide bureaucratic support.
Our clients operate mainly in the B2B market. Our first objective will be to address the large companies which, starting from 2024, will be obliged to present the sustainability report. In Italy, these companies are around 3,000, as reported by the CSEA institutional website. These companies share values ​​such as growth, innovation, sustainability and the concept of "kaizen", i.e. the continuous improvement of company processes and performance. Furthermore, they have objectives both in terms of environmental sustainability and in terms of turnover, business and marketing. They want to have a "green" image and a solution that contributes to having a positive impact on the environment and on their business. Finally, these are companies looking for strategic partnerships in order to improve positioning, growth, acquisition of new customers and consolidation on the market.

We have identified several competitors that fill the same need for our product, both directly and indirectly. However, our solution stands out for its significant impact in effectively mitigating heat islands in urban centres, as well as the level of customization offered and the support provided to obtain the necessary certifications and achieve a sustainable balance sheet.

Specifically, our value proposition delivers a number of benefits to customers, including:

Brand positioning and recognition;
Differentiation from competitors;
Visibility, the possibility of forging partnerships and public relations;
Access to GBC-Leed certifications;
Rating of sustainability reports;
Personalized offer based on budget and needs;
Personalized support and customer assistance;
branding, marketing and communication services relating to the project;
bureaucratic support;
Objectives of the 2023 Sustainable Agenda.

Life Pillars

Team Rookeys

We are a team of architects, designers and marketers with a passion for the environment and sustainable construction. Our mission is to combine form and function, beauty and pragmatism, through the creation of sustainable structures that respect the environment and contribute to having a positive impact on the community.

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