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Advanced Technologies for Working at Heights

Advanced Technologies for Working at Heights

Falls from heights are among the leading causes of serious and fatal occupational injuries, especially in the construction industry. The Cadute dall'Alto project is aimed at the design and development of new technologies and solutions to prevent or reduce the number of falling accidents and the consequent effects, while simultaneously improving the protection of workers. The project will focus on wearable robotic technologies (exoskeletons and airbags), interactive training in immersive virtual reality, and fall impact reduction with wearable drone technologies.

Advanced Technologies for Working at Heights

- Nikhil Deshpande - Jesus Ortiz - Carlo Canali

  • Nikhil Deshpande, Head, Vicarios Mixed Reality and Simulations Lab, Advanced Robotics, IIT, Italy.

  • Jesus Ortiz, Head, XoLab (Exoskeletons Lab), Advanced Robotics, IIT, Italy

  • Carlo Canali, Head, RAIN Lab (Robotics and Automation for Inspection), Advanced Robotics, IIT, Italy

  E12 (pav. 5E.12)
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