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Clients & problems:
Healthcare professionals and students. Busy schedules, statistical illiteracy and information saturation make it difficult for them to stay up-to-date. “In the biomedical field alone, more than 1 million articles pour into the PubMed database each year […]” (Nature). The problems are known, but hard to quantify in net terms. Our clients difficulties lies in that periodic and in-depth professional updating activity is a work in itself. Sacrificing patient hours for studying is sometimes not possible. Among the most unpleasant consequences, the discovery that a patient has been treated with an outdated therapy. Such an eventuality would be preferable not to be turned turn into a "necessary evil", a painful trade-off between the number of patients who require treatment and the quality of the treatment that can be administered. In addition to the suffering on a strictly human level, another problem that is becoming more acute is that of lawsuits for "malpractice". Growing, they discourage doctors from riskier practices for patients, as well as young people from embarking on a medical career.

Our solution:
it can be described as a search engine which, because of an AI algorithm, is able to:

  • Search for scientific articles related to a specific query and summarize their content;

  • Classify the results on the basis of various parameters (e.g. methodological value, citations, impact factor), assigning them a qualitative value, thus identifying the most solid research;

  • Aggregate the results based on the aforementioned parameters;

  • Produce an output that can be consulted quickly, listing the sources on which the analysis was conducted to draw up an effective overview on which to plan an update;

  • Assisting researcher in scientific writing & data production;

  • Automatic meta-analysis.
    First, we will move away from the DSS (Decision Support System) approach of our main competitor, Uptodate.com, to embrace a full AI paradigm. Then, we will find a niche in the scientific publication sector, by creating a set of tool for many scientists willing to publish high quality research. By doing to, our analytic efficiency will further increase. We already have a registered trademark and an industrial patent.


Maurizio Mario Murino

"My academic journey began with a bachelor's degree in sociology and a master's degree in methodology. I then worked as a researcher in the field of climate change economics. Subsequently, I delved into programming by enrolling in a bachelor's program in computer science. Afterward, I moved to Milan to work as a data engineer on Samsung's Automatic Speech Recognition team. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, I started working as an innovation manager for TopNetwork spa."

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