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Every year in Italy, we print 2.3 billion receipts, mostly made of non-recyclable thermal paper.
To produce this paper, we clearcut an area as wide as New York City (190 million trees) and process the paper with 140 million liters of water.

BILLD is a clean-tech startup with two main goals:

1) Digitize receipts with in-cloud technology;
2) Collect the Big Data of the offline market.

The dematerialization of receipts is achieved through an innovative device compatible with any cash registers available on the market. This hardware component is integrated with two mobile apps.

The first app is dedicated to the B2B market (Shopkeeper and/or Merchant) with the following features:

• Sales data reporting;
• After-sales data visualization with intuitive and interactive graphs;
• Consumer preference analysis;
• Purchase reports.

The second app is dedicated to the B2C market (End Users) and includes:

• Collecting new receipts;
• Receipt history categorized by type, location, timeframe, etc.;
• Quick sharing of receipts among contacts;
• Monthly expense report and key purchase categories.

However, the takeaway of the project is the Big Data. The long-term goal is to build the first Data Lake for the Big Data of the offline market (currently, 93% of this data remains unknown). This would position BILLD as one of the pioneering Data Brokers for this type of data, aiding in user profiling for third parties as well.

Business Model

The target customers are micro, small, and medium-sized businesses, in other words, anyone using a cash register to print purchase receipts. BILLD's business model consists of:

o A one-time device purchase
o A customized monthly subscription called "Pay as You Collect" (the subscription fee varies proportionally to the number of receipts issued)

The cost of this subscription is up to 80% more cost-effective than the current supply cost of paper rolls for printing.


Nicola Nazareno Pirozzi, Massimiliano Santoro, Luigi Tarantino, Antonio Grotta, Vincenzo Cioffo, Christopher Caruso

Nicola Nazareno Pirozzi - CEO - Environmental Engineer (+3 years Supply and Logistics Coordinator)
Massimiliano Santoro - COO - Full-stack Developer (+5 years Telco)
Luigi Tarantino - CMO - Product Designer (+4 years Production and Marketing)
Antonio Grotta - CTO - PhD in Artificial Intelligence
Vincenzo Cioffo - CIO - APP Developer
Christopher Caruso - CISO - Systems Engineer (+6 years System Management and Cybersecurity)

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