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Custom your padel experience

Custom your padel experience

Reves Padel was born out of the need to go hand in hand with a young, dynamic and constantly evolving sport.

Driven by this passion that we live every day, we have developed a line of rackets that allows any type of player, from those just starting out in this sport to those who are already completely in love with it, to find their unique element.

The innovation of our project lies in creating a racket that is completely customisable. The blade is a blank canvas where the player can decide to customise it in every detail, making his racket unique in design.

The customisation technique we use is studied down to the smallest detail and has been subjected to various stress tests, proving that the print does not lose quality and resolution after every stroke, after every game. Furthermore, the technique we use does not affect the racquet's characteristics, making it perfectly usable for every game, guaranteeing durability, handling and balance.

During the expo, visitors will have the opportunity to try out our products

Custom your padel experience

Giovanni Sannino - Luca Di Capua - Roberto Di Maggio

Giovanni Sannino started out as an IT analyst and Graphic Designer and has been working in the technology sector for over 15 years. A padel player and enthusiast, he applies his know-how on racket design and composition.

Luca Di Capua started out as a buyer and import/export manager working for various profit and non-profit companies. With knowledge of four languages including Chinese, he brings his know-how to the Reves project in scouting suppliers around the world to find the best quality products to make the racket.

Roberto Di Maggio has been a consultant for technological and sustainable development for over 30 years. Also a padel enthusiast, he contributes to the project with his ability to bring value and growth to the company by setting break even points and improvement steps.

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