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Dragonet is a revolutionary training machine for padel and tennis.
Through an innovative continuous cycle system, it is possible to play without ever stopping with just five balls. The unique bouncing plate ensures use on any surface, in a minimal space of 4x5 meters, without the need for a court.
The integrated touch-screen display allows you to customize every aspect of your session: number of shots, distance, spin, frequency, direction and height of trajectory.


Alessandro e Giuseppe Spedaliere

Giuseppe Spedaliere’s passion for tennis mixed with his son Alessandro attitude for computer science and programming are the fertile ground from which Dragonet revolutionary idea grew.

Giuseppe has always been passionate about tennis, his favorite hobby, but unfortunately years of incorrect practice of the one handed backhand led him to a bad elbow injury. It’s from such sad situation that the core idea came to his mind.

Fully conscious of his son’s passion and in-depth knowledge of computer science and programming, Giuseppe asked Alessandro the most simple and yet smart question: was it possible for him to design an improved version of the traditional “ball machine”? One that needed no court to be used. One that could be used to train everywhere and could be kept in their garage. A tool to work with any time he could in order to finally master that backhand technique.

That’s where Dragonet came from! A one of a kind machine, ready to revolutionize the very idea of tennis training.

  D11 (pav. 7D.11)
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