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Blink is a software conceived and designed to allow a user with particular disabilities to use a computer by blinking. Through the use of neural networks, Blink recognizes the blink of the user's eyelids who can give commands to the computer to move the mouse, click, drag windows, write.

Blink is used by issuing commands through the use of both eyes at the same time. The commands are given through a sequence of blinks, when the sequence is complete the command is executed.
There are various operating modes:
Numeric keypad
You can switch from one mode to another in less than two seconds. In the Keyboard mode there is graphical help and a word suggestion to make it easier for the user to write.


Emanuele La Rosa, Angelo Giuseppe Ruotolo

Dott. Emanuele La Rosa
quarantotto anni, fisico con esperienza ventennale nell'ambito di progetti software embedded e reti di calcolo real-time.

Ing. Angelo Giuseppe Ruotolo,

trentacinque anni, Ingegnere elettronico con esperienza decennale nella progettazione e nella gestione di prodotti elettronici

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