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Blink Lite

Blink Lite

Blink Lite is a Raspberry-based device that allows users to simulate a keyboard and mouse through the use of three buttons. Two buttons give commands to the mouse or keyboard, a third button selects the use of the mouse or keyboard. The peripheral can be connected via bluetooth to mobile phones and computers. The purpose of Blink Lite is to allow disabled people who have difficulty using the traditional mouse and keyboard to use a computer or a mobile phone.

Blink Lite

Emanuele La Rosa, Angelo Giuseppe Ruotolo

Dott. Emanuele La Rosa
forty-eight years, physicist with twenty years of experience in embedded software projects and real-time computing networks.

Ing. Angelo Giuseppe Ruotolo,
thirty-five years old, electronic engineer with decades of experience in the design and management of electronic products

  J.1.04 (pav. J) - Emanuele La Rosa, Angelo Giuseppe Ruotolo

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