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I- TELEX  the Teleprinter Reloaded

I- TELEX the Teleprinter Reloaded

The Teleprinter world and its old network as it was yesterday and how we bring it back to life in today's Internet era. It is possible to chat with a teleprinter made in the 50's and connected to a network of collectors around the world from Australia to Europe or Canada or you can punch your name on a punched tape. You can send an email to an old telex machine and see how it prints it.

I- TELEX  the Teleprinter Reloaded

Riccardo ROMAGNOLI and the International Telex collector group

We are a group of teleprinter collectors that were bored to see their machines laying unused on dusty basements. We put together our skills and ideas and build an easy DoItYourself system for keeping these machines alive and connected

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