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E-Horizon Project

E-Horizon Project

E-Horizon Project is a project that encourages young people to be creative and take control of their future. Starting from a "Crazy Idea", the project has created a community of young motor enthusiasts with a common dream: to become part of the world of world motorsports. Through the new technologies of industry 4.0, all high school students, willing to test themselves and learn, can express their creativity and their technical knowledge, creating models of racing cars in 1:10 scale through the use of CAD software, 3D printing, microcontroller programming. Eventually they can compete with other makers, competing with the cars they create.
The project includes different categories of cars to be built:

  • MKRS: Formula 1-style cars, electrically powered, designed and driven by school kids

  • Hypercar: project similar to MKRS but with cars with covered wheels

  • Driverless: self-driving Hypercar-style cars.
    At Maker Faire Rome we will bring the 2023 prototypes of the various projects plus other models we have previously made and we will hold small shows to show the capabilities of our cars and the potential of our project.

E-Horizon Project

Ass.ne Italiana Makers Automotive

The boys of the Italian automotive makers association have as their main objective extra-scholastic training, aimed at preventing early school leaving and at
school and training success, through educational projects related to the automotive world.

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