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CheemsCity - an  Open Source platform to learn robotics through memes

CheemsCity - an Open Source platform to learn robotics through memes

CheemsCity aims to create a comprehensive path to robotics, mixing online courses with memes and hardware platforms. Our first product is a Open Source Robot hardware platform, designed around an Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The raspberry pi is the robot's brain and can run computer vision algorithms and schedule the main tasks. The Arduino controls all the other components like motors, LEDs and piezo; we also designed a custom Arduino shield to simplify connections between parts for a better user experience.
We decided to use both Arduino and Raspberry Pi and not work with a PCB with a custom microcontroller because we believe these 2 are essential technologies that every person trying to learn robotics needs to know.
The robot can drive autonomously in a controlled environment, recognising road signs and pedestrians.
We tried to design the robot with a striking look inspired by the cyberpunk culture. In particular, the "CheemsCar" can recognize the "Cyber Cheems", a 3d printed dog inspired by the famous meme dog Cheems but with a cyberpunk aesthetic.
For now, the courses will be published on GitHub as jupyter notebooks. Still, in the future, we want to create a gamified learning platform for courses such as robotics, coding and electronics.

CheemsCity - an  Open Source platform to learn robotics through memes

Riccardo Maggioni, Jacopo Peroni

Riccardo Maggioni:
Born in Milan, now living in Golasecca (VA). He has always been in love with electronics and coding; he started with Arduino at 14 and developed this passion through high-school years, studying other programming languages and working on IoT projects with Raspberry. Now he is a student of Automation Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, with great results; winning, for example, a prize for best freshmen( ”Migliori Matricole Fondo Giovani” ). His university studies focus on Robotics and AI, the main topics of the project CheemsCity, where he works with his high school classmate Jacopo Peroni.
Next year he will continue to pursue his passion for these topics at ETHZ in the course "Robotics, Systems and Control".
Jacopo Peroni:
Born in Busto Arsizio (VA), he lives in Gallarate (VA) where he spent his first, and until now only, 21 years of life. Since he was a child he had a passion for the reality and how it works, he loves to build and (trying) to invent. He has been showing since a young age a love for science, mathematics and computer science, reaching also 1st place in national physics competitions. He has been working as a Software Developer for the last 3 years and at the same time he is studying Mathematics at the University of Milan. During his studies, he discovered a deep love for both pure and applied mathematics. This will of wanting to know always more and creating something new ended up in founding CheemsCity with Riccardo Maggioni, his high-school classmate.
Next year he will continue to follow his passion for mathematics at EPFL.

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