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Gamification of Sensory Analysis

Gamification of Sensory Analysis

To define the sensory profile of a product according to UNI/ISO standards, the test must be carried out in sensory booths; "white rooms" where it is tested in ideal conditions.

ISO booths are not easy to find, so we decided to make them portable: the Sensorial Stations. These can be of various types:
• ISO Mode a sensory booth
• Desk Mode a sensory desk
• MiniSens which transforms any desk into an ISO station

But our aim is to highlight how the tasting of products changes according to the conditions in which it takes place. This is why we want to train and challenge the senses of consumers to recognize the characteristics of the products in any environment.

Gamification of Sensory Analysis

Angelica Tufi e Romualdo Lodovici

Romualdo Lodovici (1962), is a senior consultant in the field of sensory analysis, founder and president of SimplySFA, is an expert in dataware house, business intelligence, big data, information systems to support marketing, management control, DPO for various companies in the scope ID. He is a consultant for Italian agri-food producers to support the FDA "certification" for the food safety of typical Italian products.
Angelica Tufi (1995), is a junior consultant in the field of sensory analysis, co-founder and vice president of Simply SFA. She is a web designer of websites, data analysis expert and taster.

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