Exhibitors 2023

e-Nable Italia - Experiments

e-Nable Italia - Experiments

Our community is dedicated to developing and providing free assistive devices for children and adults with limb difference problems.

All of our projects are either open source derivatives or released by us (when original creations from our community) as open source.

After SwimAble (the device for swimming, 2021) and the Bike Adapter (the device for cycling, 2022), this year we present the new ideas developed by our volunteers: the low-cost robotic hand prototypes and the devices that can help children to practice sports and in their free time, including an evolution of the bike adapters to be able to practice archery, a device that allows children with limb difference problems to play the drums and a tool for makers without 3d engineering skills that dynamically generates custom STL models of assistive devices adapted to the physical and anatomical characteristics of the recipients, to broaden accessibility to these devices.

e-Nable Italia - Experiments

Volontari e-Nable Italia (Michele Praga, Alessandro Villa, Kabir Lovero, Alberto Navatta e altri)

e-Nable Italia is a community of volunteers focused on the development and free distribution of devices to anyone with limb difference problems and in need of assistive devices.

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