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BirdWatch AI - Embedded Bird Watching Solution with TensorFlow

BirdWatch AI - Embedded Bird Watching Solution with TensorFlow

BirdWatch AI is an innovative project that combines a passion for bird watching with the power of artificial intelligence. Our birdhouse with automatic recognition leverages TensorFlow to offer an unprecedented birdwatching experience.

The BirdWatch AI project encompasses the mechanical design of a bird feeder equipped with a Full HD camera (a 12-megapixel IMX708 sensor with HDR), with the primary aim to capture images and videos of visiting birds. Using TensorFlow's automatic recognition algorithm and image manipulation with OpenCV, BirdWatch AI accurately identifies the bird species present, providing detailed and engaging information for birdwatching enthusiasts.

As an open-source project, BirdWatch AI invites developers, enthusiasts, and the curious to collaborate, make modifications, and improvements. This open and collaborative aspect of the project encourages the sharing of knowledge and skills and contributes to the growth of artificial intelligence and birdwatching.

BirdWatch AI not only offers the opportunity to observe and learn more about local avian wildlife but also makes a significant impact in several areas:

Environmental education and awareness: Through our project, we aim to educate the public about bird species and their ecological importance. By presenting our sighting records and relevant information about bird behaviors, we strive to promote environmental awareness and care for biodiversity.

Contribution to scientific research: In collaboration with ornithologists and researchers, we share data collected via BirdWatch AI to contribute to understanding migratory habits, distribution patterns, and bird population dynamics. Our technology provides a novel approach for efficient and effective data collection.

Technological innovation: BirdWatch AI represents an interesting integration of nature observation and artificial intelligence. We are proud to demonstrate how the application of TensorFlow has enabled the automatic recognition of bird species, opening new perspectives for the use of AI in wildlife conservation and observation.

At Maker Faire Rome, we will present a working prototype of our birdhouse, illustrating how we use TensorFlow for automatic bird recognition. We will also display a selection of recordings that demonstrate the effectiveness of our technology. We are excited to share our project with the audience at Maker Faire Rome, inspiring others to explore the universe of birds through technological innovation.

BirdWatch AI - Embedded Bird Watching Solution with TensorFlow

Enrico Stulin

Enrico, an accomplished Embedded Software Developer and PCB Designer, dives deep into the exhilarating world of microcontrollers, Linux boards, and FPGAs. Celebrating a decade in the field, he sits at the intersection of electronics and programming, orchestrating innovative solutions. Beyond work, Enrico's passion fuels his active participation in the maker community. Join him at the fair, where he's thrilled to connect with fellow enthusiasts, exchange insights, and unveil the infinite potentials of microcontroller technology.

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