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Il pendolo e la meraviglia

Il pendolo e la meraviglia

Since 2012 I have built various machines that shares the common feature to make unexpected and surprising things.

For the Maker Faire Rome events of 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2022, I created an exhibition in my booth showcasing some machines that I called "Thaumachines." The purpose was to popularize the beauty of Science and to inspire visitors to explore the same boundaries between Science, perception, and Art that I once explored myself.

Many of those machines were based on the careful and coordinated use of oscillatory motions.

  • Double pendulum

  • Multipendulum

  • Harmonograph

  • Laser sound visualizer

This year, I will present an expanded version of the exhibition by transforming the harmonograph into a mechanical oscilloscope and creating a three-dimensional laser visualization of sounds.

Il pendolo e la meraviglia

Antonio Ianiero

An engineer and avid enthusiast of mathematics, computer science, and artificial intelligence, he deeply loves poetry, origami, and soap bubbles. He is a member of formaScienza, an association active in Rome in the field of Science communication. He is also a cofounder of Unterwelt, a makerspace active in Rome since 2012.

  C19 (pav. 5C.19)
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