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Syntesi -  Semantic Summarization

Syntesi - Semantic Summarization

Syntesi is an advanced summarization solution based on semantic understanding, designed specifically for the newspaper industry. This system not only recognizes and semanticizes the main concepts of an article, but goes further by identifying named entities, deciphering the emotions inherently expressed in the text (such as joy, anger, and admiration), categorizing the content according to specific domains (e.g., sports, politics, entertainment), and detecting the tone of the language (whether it is offensive, vulgar, etc.). In addition, the system generates a summary with the key content of the article. The end result is an incisive and multifaceted summary that captures the essence of the original article in its various facets.
At Maker Faire we will present an interactive demonstration of Syntesi in action on various newspaper articles. Our goal is to highlight how semantic analysis can serve as an important tool for the newspaper industry.

Syntesi -  Semantic Summarization


Babelscape is a deep tech company founded in 2016 focused on multilingual Natural Language Processing with the main goal of enabling multilinguality and text understanding in customers’ applications which deal with text in different ways. Thanks to technological transfer from the internationally renowned Natural Language Processing research group headed by prof. Roberto Navigli at the Sapienza University of Rome, winner of two European Research Council grants and of several international awards, we place ourselves on the market with very high professional profiles and the ability to tailor our solutions to the customers' needs.

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