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EGO – Trasporti Carbon Neutral

EGO – Trasporti Carbon Neutral

EGO is a system composed of a CO2 sensor, position sensors, telemetry mounted on board the vehicle and a cloud platform that collects miles of real data from the vehicles. AI algorithms suggest optimized routes and driving behaviors aimed at reducing the CO2 produced. EGO allows its complete compensation of the remaining CO2, purchasing carbon credits that will be used by Treebu for the planting of paulownia in the territories where the transport company operates. The compensation is certified by EGO to the transport company which can highlight it with its customers and effectively increase CSR.

EGO – Trasporti Carbon Neutral

ITS Academy LAST - Verona

The development team consists of:

  • project manager of the ITS LAST Foundation;

  • students of the Logistics and Transport course;

  • students of the Digital Transformation Specialist - Developer course

  • students of the Digital Transformation Specialist - System Administrator course

  • technical representatives of the Treebu and InfogestWeb companies

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